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Once Upon a Time...

Ariana Strings unofficially began in 2012. I started performing for weddings for other companies when I was a music conservatory student. They were a disaster! So, I decided to try my hand at it as a soloist. Couples began asking me more music choices and ensembles (like duets, trios, and quartets). Next thing I knew, I had performed for hundreds of weddings, created a huge music library filled with everything from Beethoven to The Beatles, and cultivated a formal award-winning company with an incredible team of musicians. 


Fun fact: I didn't mean to name my company after myself. My last name is quite tricky to spell and so many people listed Ariana Strings on wedding programs that I just went with it! 

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我參加婚禮和私人活動已有近10年的歷史,在每個婚禮季節,我越來越愛上了。作為一名專業的小提琴手,我很幸運在康涅狄格州首屈一指的交響樂團,芭蕾舞團,百老匯劇院巡迴演出和歌劇中蒸蒸日上。新娘和新郎表演是一個極好的創意渠道,它使我可以將自己的藝術帶給新的觀眾,參觀新的地方,並與周圍的一些最偉大的音樂家交往。不要誤會我的意思,我愛貝多芬和莫扎特,但每次演奏披頭士樂隊的音樂,埃爾維斯·普雷斯利(Elvis Presley)的《禁不住墜入愛河》或西爾尼(Journey)的《不要停止相信》時,我都會忍不住微笑。除了音樂立場,我是妻子和小狗媽媽,環球旅行,辛辣美食愛好者和攝影新手。














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Ariana Strings的演奏家古典音樂行業的活躍專業人士:所有參加過音樂學院訓練的音樂家,他們在康涅狄格州最傑出的交響樂,室內合奏,歌劇以及音樂劇院和芭蕾舞團中演出。


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For Our Couples

It is our mission to provide a high quality, musical experience for all couples by bringing the concert stage to your wedding day. It is our core belief that all loving couples deserve to have musicians that are committed to excellence and who are dedicated to making their wedding dreams a reality. 

For the Artists

It is our mission to support all classical musicians by providing quality work that serves as a creative outlet which values and respects their time, talents, and commitment to their craft; and to provide an abundance of fulfilling work so they are able to continue to build a flourishing career in the arts industry.

Love Notes


Michelle, Bride 

"We booked a cello and violinist for our wedding, and Ariana & her team were absolutely perfect for our Aria wedding! Ariana is funny, sweet, attentive, and extremely talented! She kept it laid back and fun to pick the music, but was extremely timely and made sure she checked in on a regular basis throughout the planning process. I didn't have to worry about a thing! I can't thank her and her team enough for a beautiful start to our day! <3"

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