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Wedding Music Groups

Each Ariana Strings group (a.k.a. ensemble, if you want to be fancy) has its own unique song library. 
Simply click the picture of each ensemble (below) to see their repertoire. 

他們現有的曲目豐富,他們樂於學習尚未分組演奏的任何新歌。 Ariana在幫助我們選擇歌曲方面也非常有幫助,而且經驗豐富而且知識淵博。


Bespoke Ensembles to Set the Perfect Mood

The Ariana Strings team is incredibly versatile. We offer 15+ different wedding ensembles, who perform everything from classical to pop music favorites. Choose from Electric, Amplified, or Acoustic to fit the size and space of your event beautifully.

Sara + Luigi photographers favorites-8_websize.jpg

Large Ensembles
4-14+ Players

String Orchestra (8-14+ players)

String Quintet (5 players)

String Quartet (4 players)

String Quartet & Drums (5 players)

String Quartet + Singer

String Trio + Singer

Sara + Luigi photographers favorites-2_websize.jpg

Smaller Ensembles
1-3 Players

String Trio (2 Violins & Cello)

Flute Trio (Flute, Violin, & Cello) 

Violin & Cello Duet

Violin Duet

Violin & Piano Duet

Violin & Flute Duet

Singer & Piano Duet

Solo Violinist

Solo Singer

Solo Cellist


Custom Ensembles

We understand that every event is unique. That's why we offer bespoke ensembles tailored to your needs. Let us create a personalized musical experience just for you.

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