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Wedding Music Ensembles

Bespoke Ensembles to Set the Perfect Mood

The Ariana Strings team is incredibly versatile. We offer 15+ different wedding ensembles, who perform everything from classical to pop music favorites. Choose from Electric, Amplified, or Acoustic to fit the size and space of your event beautifully.

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Large Ensembles
4-14+ Players

String Orchestra (8-14+ players)

String Quintet (5 players)

String Quartet (4 players)

String Quartet & Drums (5 players)

String Quartet + Singer

String Trio + Singer

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Smaller Ensembles
1-3 Players

String Trio (2 Violins & Cello)

Flute Trio (Flute, Violin, & Cello) 

Violin & Cello Duet

Violin Duet

Violin & Piano Duet

Violin & Flute Duet

Singer & Piano Duet

Solo Violinist

Solo Singer

Solo Cellist


Custom Ensembles

We understand that every event is unique. That's why we offer bespoke ensembles tailored to your needs. Let us create a personalized musical experience just for you.

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